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Election U

Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Position location: Portland, OR

Annually: $0 to 0

Party: Others

Job Type: Full-time

Posted: 14-Aug-2018

Job Description.

Serve as an active member of OFB’s Equity Team (E-Team); assist co-chairs with implementing and evaluating team decisions Assist with the development and project-management of Equity Plans, writing quarterly progress reports Identify and provide support or coordinate resources for ongoing training in equity foundations such as racial justice, urban/rural differences, gender/identities, sexism, and other contributors that keep people in poverty In collaboration with E-Team, support internal teams with operationalizing equity Assist with staff training and use of equity lens In partnership with the Human Resources team, create and deliver introductory new hire and Board orientations related to equity; help support supervisors to actively hire and retain people of color Support staff of color (with resources, communication, consultation or advocacy) Help evaluate HR policies and programs to strengthen internal culture in support of equity Create collaborative relationships with external community partners and organizations Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications.

Prior application of equity initiatives; helping create equity work plans
Facilitation or coordination of trainings or workshops relating to equity, inclusion, and challenging dominant-culture thinking and behavior
Experience working cooperatively within and across teams; belief in the value and power of participatory decision-making
Personal or professional connections with communities directly impacted by systemic inequities; interest in advocacy/economic/racial justice issues
Experience with project management tools and techniques
Outstanding interpersonal skills: good listener and thoughtful respondent; positive influencer; adept writer who can vary communications to fit cultural context and circumstances
Motivated, passionate and courageous; can nudge and challenge staff and leaders to seek multiple perspectives and check assumptions
Experience or familiarity with Human Resources practices
Bilingual or multilingual
A connection to or passion for OFB’s mission

Preferred Qualifications.

Application Process.

Apply Here
Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
Company Details
Company: Oregon Food Bank
Department: Human Resources
Party Affiliation: Non Partisan
Link: http://www.oregonfoodbank.org/