Episode 29 - Campaign Tools Review: Outvote

By Jason Bennett

Do your friends vote? Are they claiming to be busy and forgetful? What is the best way to engage your friends in the voting process? This week on the Election University Podcast, our hosts Jason Bennett and Reiny Cohen interview Naseem Makiya the creator and founder of Outvote, an app for getting your friends to vote.

Essentially, a candidate can download the Outvote app, sign up, personalize their page with videos, pictures, and scripts and then send the link out to anyone. The app allows you to match your phone contacts to registered voters in the district. Basically, you can see which of your friends are registered voters, and their voting history.

Naseem explains that this app is an easy way to reach out to your friends to remind them to vote in the district. The campaign can design personalized scripts that can be sent to unlimited users. The main difference between other voter outreach software is that this app lets you engage with peer to peer contact through text messages, instead of emails.

Our hosts will walk us through the Outvote user process, evaluate the utility of this tool, and of course go over the low-cost of this campaign tool. 

To learn more. You can sign up for Outvote at www.outvote.io You can either send an email to team@outvote.io to sign up or fill out the form on the website.


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